Project: New Development

Project General information:

New Single Dwelling House.

2 Storey house. 300sqm.

Completed in November 2015.

Project Description:

A new client together with his sister assigned us as their architects to design a new single dwelling house on the coast. The project had several complications due to the plot conditions: mid terrace without any possibility of creating openings on any side (just front and rear) and the need of host as many bedrooms as possible for relatives and friends visiting in summer. An innovative design with a central courtyard and a bridge crossing it, including a roof terrace swimming pool was proposed and quickly accepted by the owners. Paperwork was obtained together with structural calculations. A bill of quantities, letter contract and tender process were prepared prior to commencement of the works. Then, our team did a follow up with regular site visits during the construction.

One of the most remarkable elements of the project was the cantilever staircase with side floor-to-ceiling glass. 3D internal and external views were modelled during the Concept Design stage and wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms and utility were designed on a second stage to help the contractor build it.

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