Project: Mansard project

Project General information:

New mansard level for upper flat.

Location: Stoke Newington, London.

Positive report from council to apply for this project in 2017.

It doubles up the Global Internal Area of the flat.

Project Description:

A building surveyor and property investor hired us to obtain planning permission for the erection of a new mansard level with the same footprint as the upper flat in this corner-situated late 19th century building.

Projection Architects suggested to apply for a mansard roof extension to add a new level to the existing 1 bedroom flat. The positive feedback from Hackney council would allow our client to add another 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to the existing property, converting it into a 3 bedroom flat (plus two bathrooms, 1 living room and kitchen). This would likely double up not only the surface but also the price of the property. 

The owner was immensely satisfied with the project as well as council's feedback about it. Now he is in the process of managing the investment to build it.

P-18065-EC1M 5QA-BC-BR09-B.jpg
P-18065-EC1M 5QA-BC-A10-E.jpg
P-18065-EC1M 5QA-BC-BR01-E.jpg