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Project: Mansard project

Project General information:

New mansard level for upper flat.

Location: Clerkenwell, Central London.

Building regulation drawings and supervision of the works.

Status: Finished in 2019. It doubled up the Global Internal Area of the property.

Project Description:

A family business and property investors hired us to elaborate the construction drawings and supervise the construction works for the erection of a new mansard level and second floor rear extension in this mid-terrace late 19th-century building.

Projection Architects completed successfully all the technical documentation required to carry out the construction works and was also involved during the works by doing Contract Administration and weekly visiting the construction site. This works doubled up not only the surface but also the price of the property. 

The owner was immensely satisfied with the project and our services.

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P-18065-EC1M 5QA-BC-BR01-E.jpg
P-18065-EC1M 5QA-BC-A08-E.jpg
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