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Project: Change of Use. Retail. Beauty Salon

Project General information:

Retail unit. Change of use.

Location: Kensington area, London.

Documentation produced. Works in progress.

Project Description:

This premises located in the Kensington area was a shop and needed a design to be converted into a Nail & Beauty Salon.

Different layouts were proposed until the client was satisfied prior to the creation of the 3D views and submission of the technical documentation.

For this, his third branch of beauty salons in Central London, a concept design document was produced together with a package of electrical, plumbing, drainage, AC plans and construction and furniture details. We also provided a service including liaison with the council, builders, and the client till all the permits were successfully obtained.

P-19042-W8 4LF-BR03.jpg
IMAGE 1.jpg
IMAGE 3.jpg
Belle Cour Beauty. Concept Design5_compr
IMAGE 4.jpg
P-19042-W8 4LF-BR06.jpg
Belle Cour Beauty. Concept Design5_compr
IMAGE 5.jpg
Belle Cour Beauty. Concept Design5_compr
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