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Project: Garage Conversion & Wraparound Extension

Project General information:

Wraparound rear and side extension and garage conversion into dining room.

Location: Enfield, London.

Approved in 2018.

Built during 2018. 

Completed in December 2018.

Project Description:

The owner of this three-storey semi-detached house looked for an architect with experience in Enfield council to get permission for a wraparound single storey extension and the conversion of the front garage into a more practical space connected to the rest of the house, in this case, a needed new dining room.

Projection Architects obtained permission from Enfield council planning department, Building control approval and did the tender process and supervision of the works till its completion by the end of December 2018.

This four-member family was really enthusiastic and specially the children expressed their happiness when the extension was finally finished and their play area was decorated and painted in bright colours. We have to admit it was a pleasure for us being able to work for such grateful people.

P-17051-EN2 7BT-BC-BR01-C.jpg
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P-17051-EN2 7BT-BC-A07-C.jpg
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