Project: Interior Design

Project General information:

Flat refurbishment.

Location: Belsize Park. Hampstead, London.

Interior design and technical drawings.

Project Description:

Following the recommendation of a friend (one of our previous clients), the owner of this lovely flat facing a main street near Hampstead decided to trust in us and hire Projection Architects to do the interior design for her daughter's flat.

Despite being and old building, the potential of this 1 bedroom flat lead us to propose a more open plan area for the kitchen and living and some built-in storage under the bed. A new style bathroom was also included in the design and further advice was offered regarding some structural problems with the existing timber joists.

P-18052-NW3 1PH-BC-BR03-A.jpg
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P-18052-NW3 1PH-BC-BR02-A.jpg
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